Cloud-based Facility Management & Maintenance Solution

Designed for facility managers, facility maintenance professionals, and building owners, MMX Cloud is the perfect CMMS solution for small to medium-sized businesses. The software provides a cost-effective option for managing facilities, with the power, efficiency, and functionality of Proteus MMX. We offer several CMMS modules for our Proteus CMMS solutions to further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your maintenance program.

MMX Cloud is an affordable, cloud-based facility management & maintenance solution for maintaining and managing your assets. We built this product to provide facility managers, building owners and facility maintenance professionals with an affordable option for managing their facilities that incorporated the power and functionality of our flagship on-premises, web-based product, Proteus MMX.

This software solution enables users to enter an unlimited number of assets, inventory, and locations. The maintenance needs for assets may be scheduled by month, date, run-time and more; work orders are automatically generated and labor scheduled directly to an employee or outside contractor. Inventory needs are automatically updated and tracked. Cost savings are easily realized through reduced downtime, reliable budget needs for maintenance and labor requirements, and it enhances the life cycle of your assets.

What is Measurable is Manageable

Users have access to over 40 reports that provide critical, accurate information to managers. Reports summarize key performance issues and trends and are provided real-time. What you can measure can be managed and powerful, accurate, measured data is the best resource for making sound financial decisions regarding your facility and assets.

MMX Cloud Features


Low monthly fee

Powerful accurate reports with graphics

Secure Amazon Hosted

High Availability

Real time dashboard with operations and analytics

Customization, field names, drop down lists and screen design

Work order escalation (based on priority and location)

Data separation based on facilities and roles

Assets/work orders organized by location

Enterprise-wide multi facility support

Multi National Capabilities (multiple languages, currencies, locations)

Service Requests

Bar/Q.R Code options

Bar-code – Stockroom Parts Management

Facilities or Manufacturing models

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