OUR SUCCESS GUARANTEEThe success of our customers is the most important part of our business.
We consistently take measures to ensure customer success by offering turnkey consulting, implementation services and flexible training programs. CMMS software is not simply ‘installed,’ like other software programs; we look at your company’s existing processes and goals, and incorporate them into the implementation process. Our customers find that after using our approach, they use CMMS software in their overall strategic planning. There are two elements that will guarantee a 100% success rate with our Proteus CMMS software:

Using a Team Approach

A team of staff and management is selected, who will become very involved in the implementation process. This may include management, staff, the COO and even the CEO. The team approach also consists of Eagle Technology’s consulting experts. Our collaborative efforts maximize the use of CMMS software.

Following Our Recommendations and Standard Operating Procedures

Our consulting services are a key asset of the implementation process. After an examination of company needs, we provide expert guidance that will deliver results, both at the time of implementation and in the future for years to come.


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