In the hospitality industry, the service that you provide your customers can either make you or break you. Your entire business depends on how people perceive your company. Image is everything, and it’s more important than ever that your company has a good reputation. Word of mouth no longer means that all of your customers’ family and friends will hear about the service that your company provided them. With the power of the Internet and multiple social networking applications behind them, your customers can easily tell the world whether your company provides excellent service or isn’t worth their trouble. Using a SaaS solution to manage your company helps you ensure that every customer has a good experience. The software can help you maximize your customer relationships, increase your profits, and cut down on unnecessary expenses.


What is a SaaS Solution?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a cost-effective alternative to on-premise software hosting. With a SaaS solution, your company’s software is hosted and maintained by the software company, which gives you more flexibility and lowers your costs. The main difference between using a SaaS Solution and using on-premise software is where your software is hosted and how your employees access the software. When you use a SaaS solution, your software is access via the Internet. This eliminates that need to download your company’s software on each individual computer.


How SaaS Solutions Save Your Company Money

Software as a Service (SaaS) is designed to streamline your company’s day-to-day operations and cut down on expenses. When your company uses a SaaS solution, you eliminate a lot of the upfront costs associated with purchasing software. You don’t have to worry about licensing fees, hosting your company’s software, or purchasing a lot of hardware—the hosting company you choose handles all of this for you.

In addition to eliminating a lot of your company’s up-front costs, your SaaS solution can help you track your company’s inventory, manage events that your company is holding, track your employees work hours, and monitor any work orders that need to be completed. With everything from the amount of toilet paper you have onsite to which hotel rooms need air conditioner repairs being tracked on the same system, you eliminate over ordering, minimize the amount of overtime your employees work, and catch problems before the costs become overwhelming.


What Can a SaaS Solution Do for You?

A SaaS solution that is designed specifically for the hospitality industry can handle the majority of the day-to-day tasks that need completed. Everything from tasks completed at the front desk to housekeeping duties are monitored and completed via your SaaS solution, including:



Manage Your Rates

Managing your rates is easy when you use a SaaS solution. The software is designed to:


  • Display an unlimited number of seasons over multiple years
  • Help you negotiate special rates for travel agents and corporate clients
  • Determine daily and long-stay rates
  • Compute extra charges for additional guests
  • Manage different prices for different locations


Making Reservations

When your customers call to make a reservation, all of your employees need to be on the same page. Fortunately, your SaaS solution works for multiple locations, so every company employee knows what to do to make a reservation. Your SaaS solution helps you manage your reservations by:

  • Using a single interface to reserve rooms for walk-in customers and group bookings
  • Defines your customer’s reservation type by labeling the reservation as confirmed, unconfirmed, or wait listed
  • Retained your customer’s information so there’s no need to reenter information for returning guests
  • Sends email confirmations for reservations
  • Gives you the option to charge customers who arrive a day late to check in
  • Allows your office manager to override facility standard room rates and package rates as necessary
  • Allows your employees to make group reservations, and marks the group owner to make communication easy


Online Bookings

With the Internet at their fingertips, more and more customers are making their hotel reservations online, and your SaaS solution makes the process easy. You SaaS solution has the ability to:

  • Show real time/allocated room availability
  • Show real time/allocated room prices
  • Sends a real-time email confirmation to the guest
  • Has the ability to handle multiple offers and date-driven rates and packages
  • Allows you to sell rooms via popular online travel websites, like and
  • Allows guests to cancel their reservation online if needed
  • Allows you to accept online credit cards payments


Manage Front Office Tasks

There are several tasks that need to be handled everyday by your front desk employees, and your SaaS solution can help your employees manage everything in one place.

  • Structured single-user interface
  • Stay amendments
  • Process online credit card payments
  • Black list guests to avoid future problems
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Group check out
  • Saves a complete guest history, including the number of stays and the dates the guest stayed
  • Gives your employees the ability to move rooms
  • Calculates discounts based on user rights
  • Expense management
  • Tracks travel agent commission


Track Housekeeping Issues

With the ability to track and resolve housekeeping issues, your front desk employees will always know what needs to be done in each room. This helps ensure that employees are more efficient and that your guests are always satisfied.

  • Single-screen housekeeping status reports
  • Defines room status by clean, dirty, under repair, and inspected
  • Allows your front desk staff to view housekeeping status at any time
  • Allows your front desk staff to view requests made by guests
  • Shows a list of maids and what rooms they are assigned to on a daily basis
  • Tracks work orders
  • Allows the staff to block rooms for maintenance

With the ability to track all of your hotel’s day-to-day tasks, employees, and requests from guests in the same place, it’s easy to see why so many hotel owners choose to use a SaaS solution.