A CMMS solution can get your data organized, but how can you use that data to increase your profitability? Read these insights below:

Monitoring assets leads to actionable decisions

Tracking assets will highlight the cost of what you are doing in comparison with the cost of equipment, which can increase company expenditures by thousands of dollars per year. For example, monitoring energy output might reveal that you will save money if you simply replace the equipment rather than try to optimize its functionality.

Preventive maintenance vs. reactive maintenance

Schedule routine maintenance. Frequent maintenance can increase the life-cycle of your building’s assets as opposed to waiting until something “hits the fan,” so to speak. One example is to make sure your plumbing system is functioning properly by scheduling regular maintenance to avoid leaks, blockages, and bursts.

Track warranty dates

Is your equipment still under warranty?  Keeping track of the warranty dates can free up funds by allowing the vendor to cover the costs of faulty or broken equipment that way CMMS can help you to save money.

Inventory Control

When you have a good tracking inventory in place, you know what parts you have versus what you need to order.  Do you spend millions of dollars on lighting each year? Making sure that you know what you need can shave off excess costs.

Alleviate downtime and schedule employees

Analyzing your processes and changing them can lead to less downtime, and scheduling employees and contractors will eliminate sending more than one work order.  This will reduce unnecessary labor costs and create efficiency.

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