What do most people think of when you say “energy management?” The usual answers are: turning off the lights when you walk out of a room, using different light bulbs, and implementing digital thermostats with scheduling capabilities. Behavior changes aren’t enough for a thirty-floor office building or a manufacturing facility that spans four blocks. Today there is so much more a business can do. Every facility is different and solutions should be individually tailored to fit.

With energy prices on the rise, there is no question we all need to consider better solutions for energy management. Eagle Technology’s Vice President of Business Development, Harry Kohal, attended this year’s AHR Expo in Las Vegas where the issue of energy management for business got a lot of attention. “It seems everywhere you look things are going green,” says Kohal, “everything from equipment components to software are focusing on reducing energy usage.”

What is so important about energy management?

There are many reasons to reduce energy consumption ranging from cost savings to sustainability concerns or even required Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. There are many reasons energy management is important and there are even more ways you can achieve a cost-effective solution. Building Automation Systems (BAS), intelligent buildings, eco-friendly materials, and lighting solutions are some of the more common approaches to improving energy efficiency and sustainability. However, reducing energy consumption is only one step in an effective energy management plan.

Why do we need energy management? Your facility’s reason may be different than the facility next door, but the one thing that everybody can agree upon is saving money. With the recent economic downturn there has been a war raging over every dollar spent. Facility managers look to eliminate every questionable expense; even down to basic energy usage. Building owners see it as a win-win in achieving reduced operating cost and gaining prestigious LEED certifications.

Beyond certifications, a critical component of energy management is the ongoing maintenance of your facility. A proper maintenance solution can save large amounts of time and money. Climate controls and occupancy schedules can be set and the temperature, airflow, and lighting will be adjusted accordingly. For added synchronicity, a CMMS like Proteus can tie all of your solutions together. An Alarm Interface alerts personnel if something is not running properly. From maintenance to BAS and CMMS, the benefits are clear. Less man-hours spent on maintenance, reduced energy levels, less waste, and less money out the door.

Whether it is one building or a whole campus, whether it is driving down costs or pursuing a more responsible footprint, Eagle Technology has options for you. Eagle Technology is at the forefront of green, sustainable facilities maintenance. Our passion includes helping clients use energy management plans to make their facilities maintenance a profit center—not a cost center. If you would like to discuss the AHR Expo or Energy Management solutions, Harry Kohal is available at (262) 241-3845 and HarryK@eaglecmms.com.