Streamline Maintenance Service Requests

Dealing with HVAC issues alone during the summer months can negatively impact your maintenance department, cause havoc with employee schedules, and force maintenance managers to deal with unhappy tenants and employees. Add all of the other maintenance challenges on a day-to-day basis, and it feels like you’ll never catch up.

The solution might be easier than you think: Using a Service Request module. This module is a web-based application that allows non-technicians like tenants, employees, and non-maintenance staff to send remote service or repair requests directly to a Proteus Service Request Administrator for approval.

There are many benefits to using a Service Request Module:

  • Reduces calls and emails to the maintenance department staff
  • Generates quicker response time and faster repairs and service
  • Requesters are informed of service status and completion through email
  • Improves occupant/tenant satisfaction
  • Proteus Service Request administrators can approve, deny, modify and track service requests
  • Improved service levels can improve asset life, and reduce overall maintenance costs

There are two versions of Proteus Service Requests available:

The Standard mode is for non-maintenance personnel. Service requests are reviewed by a Service Request Administrator who can then review, accept, deny, or modify the service request before it becomes a work order in Proteus.

The Direct mode is for maintenance personnel. Service requests sent in through the service request module automatically become a work order in Proteus.

Simple maintenance requests can be handled quickly and easily with the Standard Mode, while more serious demand maintenance (DM) issues and preventive maintenance (PM) tasks can be managed through the Direct Mode interface.

For buildings with multiple tenants, like office complexes, schools, medical campuses, apartment buildings, or malls, both modes provide optimal efficiency and response capacity. But whether used for manufacturing plants, warehouses, or hotels—every facility can benefit from having the ability to enter remote service requests in “real-time.”

Requestor workstations may be located throughout a facility or campus, across the state, or around the world. Requestors can submit service requests through a customizable web page, where requesters will receive an email notification when the request is received, and when it is approved, denied, or modified, when the status changes, and when it is complete.

Administrators can review, modify, accept, or deny requests. They can configure the Requestor and Service Request Administrator screens to hide certain fields, require them to be filled out, or rename fields depending on the need of the facility and maintenance staff.

Once the Service Request is accepted, it becomes a Proteus DM (Demand Maintenance) Work Order. The administrator has the option to send a follow-up survey through Proteus MMX to the requester.

Eagle Technology’s Proteus is a full-featured maintenance and asset management software system designed to help companies increase their return on investment while reducing the cost of operation. Proteus integrates asset and maintenance management, inventory, labor, and purchasing functions for improved scheduling, cost-saving, resource planning, and more. Proteus offers several optional modules, in addition to Proteus Service Request.

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