Believe it or not training has a lot to do with whether or not your CMMS program will be a Success or a Failure.

A few key points on what happens without proper training:

Failure Mode

  • Inaccurate Data Collected
  • Incomplete Data Entered
  • Inconsistent Naming Convention
  • No Numbering Scheme

Listed above are just a few common occurrences that can make your CMMS system a non-valuable tool, it will end up not being used because it will be just another frustration for the people that are using the CMMS and leave you with a computer full of useless data.

Proper Training:

Success Mode

  • Learn what Data is Important
  • Increases Data Accuracy
  • Proper Identification of Asset
  • Take full advantage of Features and Functions

Training will give your employees the confidence they need and help them to feel more comfortable when using the system.

Top reasons for Proper Training of CMMS:

  • Control costs for facilities and assets
  • Ensure the continuing stability of building and assets
  • Increase the reliability of facilities
  • Optimize resources
  • Manage operations and costs
  • Preservation and control of spare parts
  • Documentation and Report analysis

All Training should be specific to function do not train everyone on every thing. A common mistake is that after training they may not use the system for a few weeks or even months, Trainees should leave class & use knowledge immediately.