New mobile technologies have transformed the humble mobile phone into a highly sophisticated device that can do much more than calling or texting. These incredibly handy gadgets can be programmed to control home appliances, check heart health, and even manage plant operations. With just the simple touch of a few buttons, you can now change the way maintenance is performed. Web-based computerized management systems help maintenance teams track work orders and access asset logs with mobile maintenance tool. So what are the benefits of a mobile CMMS software and will it help your organization? Let’s find out.

Benefits of CMMS Technology:

The latest CMMS systems exploit cutting-edge technologies to help you manage work orders.

  • They can help you store and manage inventory for machine parts and supplies. This, in turn, helps you control inventory related costs.
  • CMMS systems can record asset history. So if you’re in charge of a machine that’s over 10 or 20 years old, you can refer to its maintenance history to find out how it was repaired the last few times.
  • You can use the CMMS to make a note of warranty information as well. Technicians can then refer to this information as and when required.
  • One remarkable feature of a mobile based CMMS software is that technicians can update work orders in real time. There’s no need to take notes and key them into a computer-based system later. It, therefore, saves time, avoids duplication, and increases productivity.
  • The CMMS serves as a central repository where work orders can be tracked and managed.
  • You can use it to audit an asset’s maintenance history. If accidents happen or the machine breaks down, you can use the maintenance history to make an insurance claim. The system maintains an unchangeable record of each and every action.
  • Lastly, you can use the mobile CMMS software as a regular work calendar. It will send out alerts when it’s time for preventive maintenance and forward reminders to the right people. In short, it makes sure that preventive maintenance tasks aren’t overlooked.

CMMS and your mobile device

The CMMS software is equipped with a few features that convert your mobile device into a maintenance gadget. They improve accuracy and efficiency in the workplace, and they significantly reduce the time it takes to complete/manage work orders. Let’s learn more about these features.


Cameras are an indispensable tool for maintenance staff. You can use them to record or take pictures of the maintenance work you’re carrying out. You can then upload your pictures to your CMMS to document your job. Senior technicians and support staff can also access these pictures/videos to review work or make suggestions. Since the pictures and videos remain in the system, you can refer to them if you face a similar issue again. Smartphone/Tablet cameras are becoming more and more advanced; using the slow motion video feature is a great way to check high-speed movement.

Voice Recognition

Most modern mobile devices are now equipped with voice recognition software. It’s a hands-free way to record work order details. This is especially useful for recording large amounts of data. You don’t need to key in your information with a keyboard. Simple dictation with the help of a voice recognition software will suffice.

Barcode Scanning

Some CMMS systems are programmed to scan barcodes with the use of a mobile device. A technician can, therefore, scan a barcode or Quick Response code to quickly find the asset or work order in the CMMS system. CMMS users don’t have to waste time looking for the right item in the system.

These are just some of the features that enhance your CMMS experience. If you’re looking for a reliable mobile CMMS software, get in touch with the experts at Eagle Technology. Our new Proteus MMX Mobile CMMS is configured with the latest barcode technology and a highly responsive software. It lets you capture data quickly, reduces downtime, and helps you keep your machines in mint condition. With the Proteus MMX Mobile CMMS, technicians will spend less time taking notes and focus on completing work orders instead.

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