The bottom line in the retail industry: keep the customer happy. Retail managers know that customers have high expectations and demand more from their shopping experience than ever before. Maintaining standards to meet the customer’s needs require intelligent retail software systems. In a multi-channel environment, a CMMS (computerized maintenance management system), enhances retail management by reducing costs and streamlining operations.

Retail management is very sophisticated. Margins are often measured in fractions of a penny and management is expected to meet their budget goals. CMMS software addresses and help reduce costs, which leads to a better return on investment. These costs include:

  • Cost of goods
  • Fixed costs
  • Labor

Cost of Goods

If a good retail management system is not in place, the cost of goods can be affected by elements such as poor inventory management and environmental management. Eagle Technology’s Proteus CMMS software resolves these issues by providing an inventory management system that can be updated with an optional barcode scanner and a robust asset management system. Data from assets such as HVAC systems, freezers, and A/C units can be recorded so managers can keep equipment running at peak performance, which reduces costs in the long run.

Fixed Cost

Repair costs play a large part in the retailer’s annual budget. In order to keep machines and equipment running at their ideal performance rates, preventive maintenance must be scheduled. Preventive maintenance leads to efficient equipment, costs savings, or even the decision to replace old equipment with more efficient equipment. Proteus CMMS software offers comprehensive preventive maintenance scheduling features for any number of assets, machines or parts that are in need of preventive maintenance. An additional benefit includes the useful data captured in CMMS software, which helps retailers plan quarterly and annual budgets.


CMMS software addresses labor costs by making maintenance and repair scheduling more efficient. Proteus CMMS software offers automated work order scheduling, eliminating the need for paper records. Work order automation contributes to cost reduction and eliminates confusion by preventing staff overlapping, as well as tracking employee activities. With work order automation, managers also know who performed maintenance duties and when. Receiving work order alerts is also advantageous because employees do not have to return to the main office to get their schedules, and managers are always in the know.

Other benefits from using Proteus CMMS software include:


Proteus CMMS software can be taken anywhere on a mobile device. Receive alerts, review work order schedules and reports from smartphones or tablets.


Keep an accurate history of management activities for inspection, headquarter standards, or franchising requirements. Legal entities that perform safety and quality inspections (OSHA, building and fire inspectors) will also be able to review the history of an established retail management system.


Retail stores have a high turn-over rate which can affect the supply chain. When an employee leaves the company, their knowledge does not leave with them, but rather stays in the CMMS software database.