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Eagle CMMS is powered by TMA Systems, which has been recognized as a world-class provider of advanced Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and intelligent Enterprise Asset Management Solutions (EAMS) for more than 30 years. TMA Systems’ expertise, experience, and extended services are key reasons WebTMA is the preferred facility maintenance management solution throughout the world.

TMA Systems’ advanced solutions meet or exceed the needs of Corporate, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Pharma and Life Sciences, Public Sector and Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution organizations.

TMA Systems’ Eagle CMMS is a configurable, intuitive, and scalable solution for facility maintenance management. Eagle CMMS is the best CMMS software in its class for preventive maintenance of facilities and boosting productivity, minimizing costs, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Our web-based and mobile-friendly asset management software offers flexibility and convenience to facility managers to fulfill their responsibilities without the time and location constraints.

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Stats Speak for Our Success

Over the last three decades, we have made great strides in simplifying and streamlining asset management for all organizations. Our computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) is built with one ultimate goal in mind — to ensure that our customers achieve measurable, value-based ROI. Here’s a glimpse of what we bring to the table:


Achieved an overall CSAT of 99%


Driven by Over 30+ years of experience


Used by over 1,650 clients across multiple sectors and industries


More than 100,000 Facilities are maintained by our state-of-the-art EAMS and CMMS


Our products are used by over 430,000 active users


2X increase in employees since Silversmith investment

Eagle CMMS By TMA Systems

Eagle CMMS aims to maximize your ROI with tools that drive accuracy, productivity, and cost savings.

Experience of serving more than 1,650 organizations, comprising over 100,000 facilities spanning more than 430,000 active users.

Return on investment via value-driven capabilities, competitive pricing, and systems consulting.

Modularity that allows the platform to be configured as per the requirement and company size.

Sophisticated but intuitive functionality that assures ease of use.

Integrability that facilitates co-innovation by supporting all other existing systems.

State-of-the-art security for both cloud-based and on-premises platforms trusted by even federal and defense organizations.

Short time to value via extended professional services, easily accessible customer support team, and rich knowledge base for reference.

Eagle CMMS By TMA Systems

A History of Innovation

TMA Founded
Cross-platform CMMS. TMA operates seamlessly between Microsoft and Apple systems.
Introduction of paperless solution for mobile devices
Web-based CMMS solution, WebTMA
CMMS to utilize 100% Microsoft.NET technology, WebTMA 2.0
Use of 2nd generation .NET technology, WebTMA 4.0
Integrated interface, StarRez housing solution
Silversmith invests in TMA Systems
Mark Simner appointed CEO
Platform API published, GIS Integration, Space Management
TMA acquires Maxpanda
Eagle CMMS Launch
Online/offline mode developed for mobile
TMA moves to modern HQ in Tulsa, OK
Launch of newly developed WebTMA 7
TMA acquires Eagle technology
TMA acquires Prime Technologies
New User Interface to WebTMA

Join Our Team – An Opportunity Awaits

At TMA Systems, the parent company of Eagle CMMS, we are constantly on the lookout for innovative minds and talents whose commitment and skill sets will bring value in new and unique ways to the field of facility management.


Our Leadership

The vision and guidance of our leadership have made Eagle CMMS the best in the field. Harnessing their years of experience and demonstrated expertise, our team of executives and board of directors, constantly strive to set new benchmarks for the success and sustainability of the company.

Mark Simner

Chief Executive Officer

Greg Shell

Chief Operations Officer

Mike Hill

Chief Technology Officer

Sarah Esteverena

Chief Marketing Officer

Al Kinnear

Executive VP of Sales

Steve Min

VP of Finance and Corporate Development

John Swofford

VP of Sales

Don Wildauer

GM, Prime & Global Partnerships

Adam Deatherage

Vice President of Operations

Jenny Pino

Director of Client Success

Board of Directors

Jim Quagliaroli


Mark Simner

Board Member

John C. Smith

Board Member

Marc Munfa

Board Member

Ed Roshitsh

Board Member

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