Empowering the education sector with innovative Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS)

Manage your educational facilities seamlessly with configurable, intuitive and scalable maintenance management solutions that are perfectly designed to handle the unique needs of today’s educational institutions.

Agile CMMS solutions that take today’s educational institutions into the Future

Eagle CMMS is a solution that allows campus facility administrators to easily manage multiple sites. With easy-to-use interfaces and mobile accessibility, our solutions are effective tools for handling the daily maintenance and asset management rigors of K-12 schools, colleges, and universities.

By choosing the right asset management software for your campus needs, coupled with the right modules, you can optimize everything from resource allocation, asset tracking, and reporting, all the way to energy efficiency management, janitorial duties, and equipment health.

Preventive Maintenance Management

Adopt a proactive maintenance approach to all your campus assets, ensuring that issues are identified and rectified before they become major disruptors.

Work Requests

Create work requests with the click of a button. Each site can enable a portal for guests to submit work requests.

Multi-site Management

Have multiple business sites to manage? No problem. Our leading-edge maintenance management solutions ensure full visibility of all your facilities.

Task Library

Save time using predefined tasks. Create, view, and edit tasks that you can use repeatedly when creating and scheduling work orders and PMs.

Inventory Management

Ensure full control of your entire inventory with inventory management. View and manage all of your site’s parts with the ability to view, receive, and cancel site-to-site transfers.

Mobile Solutions

Manage all your facility maintenance activities while on the go with our integrated, seamless mobile applications.

Vendor Management

Ensure new and spare parts are always available for asset repair. View and manage all the POs for your site and manage external contractors and merchants with the Vendor module.

Eagle CMMS

By choosing Eagle CMMS, you will get configurable, intuitive, and scalable software to optimize your facility maintenance management. Take your business to the next level with a comprehensive set of asset management, data analysis, and tracking tools—all on one platform. Eagle CMMS will ensure greater value addition and quicker ROI.

  • Robust security
  • Efficient functionality
  • Timely, automated updates
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Comprehensive Support Services

From consulting, training, and implementation to ongoing support; Eagle CMMS includes all. It is not just a platform but also a collection of services that further help you to simplify and optimize facility maintenance management.

  • Expert consulting and training
  • Implementation services
  • End-to-end support

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