Services that help you to deploy our solution and shorten the time to value

In addition to our CMMS, we also provide a range of support, implementation, and training services that enhance our offerings and empower your business’s asset management posture even further.

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Implementation, Training & Support

Eagle CMMS offers implementation, training, and support services leveraging decades of experience in the industry and highly trained domain specialists. We’ll be by your side via phone, email, and an exhaustive knowledge base even after the solution is up and running.



To ensure that your facility maintenance and management solutions are in-line with your business needs, our team of specialists will provide assessment, customization, data migration, and integration to ensure a seamless work experience.



Your technology solutions are only as good as the people using them, which is why we also provide end-to-end user and administrator training through a variety of online and offline programs – all while ensuring that proper documentation is maintained throughout.



Our support services cover maintenance, user assistance, and troubleshooting for any help that you may need with your CMMS.

Industries we serve

CMMS software for Corporates


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Facilitating digital transformation for organizations of all sizes with intuitive and configurable facility management tools that integrate seamlessly with both existing and new components of your corporate infrastructure.

CMMS software for Public Sector

Public Sector

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Creating resilient public infrastructure by optimizing resource maintenance and utilization with a configurable, intuitive, and scalable CMMS.

CMMS software for Schools


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Simplifying education facilities management for higher education and K-12 schools, colleges, and universities across geographies.

CMMS software for Healthcare


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Ensuring consistent, optimum functionality for all the medical equipment with healthcare CMMS software for providing next-level experience to patients, professionals, and visitors.

CMMS software for Manufacturing


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Streamlining operations and maximizing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) with manufacturing maintenance software for higher productivity, reduced downtime, and lower costs

CMMS software for Ware housing

Warehousing, Distribution and Logistics

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Optimizing the efficiency of logistics, warehousing, and distribution centers while keeping costs low and customers satisfied.

CMMS software for Pharma and life sciences

Pharma and Life Sciences

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Ensure adherence to medical compliance and regulatory guidelines with CMMS solutions that provide robust reporting, control management, and risk mitigation.

CMMS software for Hospitality


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Boost guest satisfaction with superior maintenance practices, enhanced facility condition management, and asset tracking for a wide range of hotels, restaurants, resorts, and more.

CMMS software for Energy Sector

Energy, Oil & Gas Sector

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Ensure peak performance for your power plants and energy production assets with comprehensive oil and gas maintenance software.

CMMS software for Property Sector

Property/Resort Management

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Ensure your properties are seamlessly maintained with configurable, intuitive, and scalable property maintenance software.

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