No Automotive parts manufacturer is the same but most of the problems they encounter are, ensuring continuous production, comply with quality requirements, and meeting safety standards. Relaying on hybrid systems consisting of spreadsheets, paper files or ever outdated CMMS solutions easily cause failures of audits, recurring equipment failures, and costly downtime.

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Equipment Effectiveness

Proteus MMX will manage, capture, and track inspection, maintenance and repair activities for cost containment, and risk reduction. When you combine a Proteus MMX with Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), you can eliminate costly machine downtime and shift to preventive maintenance.

Data Driven Insights

Proteus MMX KPI’s are used to track performance in several areas over time to indicate when an organization is operating inside or outside of acceptable levels.


When it comes to establishing a safe, compliant and productive workplace, an effective maintenance management solution is critical. Proteus MMX can improve your operations by offering one centralized, cloud-based and flexible system to manage and stay connected with your asset and inspection workflows

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Maintain high standards while reducing costs and downtime

Proteus MMX is easy to use, costs effective and customizable for Automotive Industry. Companies who use Proteus MMX see a return on investment by the savings achieved through less downtime, accurate instant data, planned maintenance versus demand maintenance, as well as the increased lifecycle and functionality of your equipment and assets.

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Operations that are running smoothly lead to cost savings and more productivity.  Making a CMMS system the foundation of your automotive company’s operations incorporates best practices and leads you to success. Contact us to find out how Proteus MMX can help take your operations to newer and greater heights

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