The lodging industry is a very competitive market. Clean, well-run facilities are necessary to satisfy today’s clients. Keeping a facility in peak condition ensures better occupancy and optimal operating costs. Using Proteus interfaced to your Building Automation System, along with the power of its Multi-Cycle Scheduling capability, gives the maintenance management the link to ensure all work is getting done in the most efficient manner.

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Track Your Inventory Levels

Without the proper CMMS software, tracking inventory could take up a lot of your time. With Proteus MMX maintenance management software, you can track the levels of all of your supplies so that you know when you need to place inventory orders.

Manage Multiple Buildings

Manage and improve operations across multiple divisions, locations, or businesses simultaneously from one software.

Service Request

Service Request module for Proteus MMX allows remote users to submit requests for service via web browser. This module is an advanced communication tool that brings work order software directly to end users eliminating both administrative time for data entry and lost requests. Service is improved through faster response times and better communication.

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Proteus gives you the tools extend and augment the lifecycle of the assets across your facility by helping you schedule vital maintenance work, as well as upholding strong relationships with guests by implementing a smoothly run repairs schedule and a high level of inventory control.

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