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Get the right tools for all your facility maintenance management needs with our comprehensive suite of advanced asset maintenance management solutions.

Mobile solutions

Eagle CMMS Core Maintenance Management Solutions

Overcome data management challenges, analyze trends, and derive insights for preventive maintenance of business-critical assets.

Improve your overall asset performance with actionable insights that enable you to take informed decisions in real time with our advanced asset management solution and reporting capabilities.

  • Simple and Easy Implementation and Onboarding
  • Advanced Reporting and Data Analytics
EagleCMMS Maintenance Management Solutions
Streamline work order management

Streamline work order management

Prioritize work orders, track their progress company-wide, and ensure their timely completion with automated work order management and easy-to-understand interfaces.

  • Work Order Management
  • Work Request Management

Make reactive maintenance a thing of the past

With our predictive maintenance system at your disposal, you can dramatically minimize downtime, unexpected breakdowns, and repair costs.

  • Preventive Asset Maintenance Management
  • Comprehensive Asset Maintenance Management
Predictive Maintenance System
Mobile Maintenance Management Solutions

Track assets with facility and company-wide visibility

Track and monitor the maintenance activities, schedules, and performance of assets across multiple locations or departments – anytime, from any mobile device!

  • Maintenance Management Across Multiple Sites and Facilities
  • Mobile Maintenance Management Solutions on IoT Devices

Mobile accessibility across a variety of devices

Eagle CMMS's specialized mobile app empowers facility management professionals with the ability to oversee, coordinate and run their operations from anywhere, anytime - all at the push of a button.

  • Comprehensive mobile maintenance management solutions for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.
  • Easily available anytime, anywhere, regardless of whether you’re online or offline

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Convenient mobile access to Eagle CMMS anytime, anywhere on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Asset maintenance management

Optimize budget and simplify resource allocation management

Our CMMS for preventive maintenance makes budget constraints and competing priorities a thing of the past, allowing you to adequately address every maintenance need and timely invest in necessary upgrades or replacements for aging assets.

  • Purchasing/Vendor Management
  • Advanced Inventory Management
Asset maintenance management
Vendor Management Solutions

Ensure total compliance with government and industry regulations

Ensure strict compliance with a swathe of all safety regulations, environmental standards, and other legal obligations – regardless of their complexity.

  • Single Sign-On Security
  • Professional Services to Ensure Efficient Onboarding, Implementation, Training, and Support

Robust Capabilities to Address Traditional Asset Management Pain Points

Efficient asset maintenance management is imperative for optimally functioning facilities. But doing so is a never-ending uphill task for all organizations alike. That is why Eagle CMMS has been purpose-built to address all the pertinent challenges in the preventive maintenance of equipment, assets, and facilities.

Data Management & Analysis

For most organizations, consolidating data, analyzing trends, and extracting actionable insights to drive informed decision-making and improve asset performance is a major challenge.

Limited Visibility & Tracking

Facilities managers struggle to have a comprehensive view of individual and company-wide facilities. This impedes tracking and monitoring maintenance activities, schedules, and asset performance across locations or departments.

Poor Work Order Management

Coordinating and managing work orders is complicated for any organization. Facilities managers struggle with prioritizing and assigning work orders, tracking their progress, and ensuring timely completion.

Reactive Maintenance Mechanism

Many organizations rely on addressing maintenance issues only when they occur. This approach leads to unscheduled downtime, unexpected breakdowns, and higher repair costs.

Budget Constraints

Limited budgets and competing priorities make it difficult to address every maintenance need adequately and invest in necessary upgrades or replacements for aging assets.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring compliance with stringent safety regulations, environmental standards, and other legal obligations adds to the complexity of facility maintenance and risk management.

Robust Capabilities to Address Traditional Asset Management Pain Points

Efficient asset maintenance management is imperative for optimally functioning facilities. But doing so is a never-ending uphill task for all organizations alike. That is why Eagle CMMS has been purpose-built to address all the pertinent challenges in the preventive maintenance of equipment, assets, and facilities..

Enterprise CMMS Solutions


As the number of assets and users increases, maintaining system performance, network bandwidth, storage capacity, and asset management process consistency and standardization becomes seemingly insurmountable.

Mass Data Import

Duplicate records, missing information, and inconsistent formats are common mass data import issues. Integrating and mapping data from various sources is a challenge too.

Data Integration and Sharing

Sharing data across different departments or with external stakeholders also raises concerns about data privacy, security, and access control.

Ease of Use

Users have different levels of technical expertise. It is seemingly impossible to offer an intuitive facility management interface to all. Introducing a new solution or upgrading an existing one requires training and change management too.

Time to Value

Deploying or upgrading asset management systems often faces resistance to change and challenges in identifying the most efficient processes, deferring the ROI.

Cost of Implementation

Minimizing the cost of deploying or upgrading an asset management system while ensuring the necessary functionality and scalability is extremely tricky, to say the least.

Eagle CMMS facilitates preventive maintenance with an intuitive interface, seamless integration, and quicker ROI at unbeaten pricing. Redefine your facility maintenance management and move ahead of the curve with Eagle CMMS.

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For businesses of any size needing powerful facility maintenance and asset management.
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  • Work Orders & Work Requests
  • Asset Management
  • Preventive Maintenance
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    Industries we serve

    CMMS software for Corporates


    Explore Industry

    Facilitating digital transformation for organizations of all sizes with intuitive and configurable facility management tools that integrate seamlessly with both existing and new components of your corporate infrastructure.

    CMMS software for Public Sector

    Public Sector

    Explore Industry

    Creating resilient public infrastructure by optimizing resource maintenance and utilization with a configurable, intuitive, and scalable CMMS.

    CMMS software for Schools


    Explore Industry

    Simplifying education facilities management for higher education and K-12 schools, colleges, and universities across geographies.

    CMMS software for Healthcare


    Explore Industry

    Ensuring consistent, optimum functionality for all the medical equipment with healthcare CMMS software for providing next-level experience to patients, professionals, and visitors.

    CMMS software for Manufacturing


    Explore Industry

    Streamlining operations and maximizing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) with manufacturing maintenance software for higher productivity, reduced downtime, and lower costs

    CMMS software for Ware housing

    Warehousing, Distribution and Logistics

    Explore Industry

    Optimizing the efficiency of logistics, warehousing, and distribution centers while keeping costs low and customers satisfied.

    CMMS software for Pharma and life sciences

    Pharma and Life Sciences

    Explore Industry

    Ensure adherence to medical compliance and regulatory guidelines with CMMS solutions that provide robust reporting, control management, and risk mitigation.

    CMMS software for Hospitality


    Explore Industry

    Boost guest satisfaction with superior maintenance practices, enhanced facility condition management, and asset tracking for a wide range of hotels, restaurants, resorts, and more.

    CMMS software for Energy Sector

    Energy, Oil & Gas Sector

    Explore Industry

    Ensure peak performance for your power plants and energy production assets with comprehensive oil and gas maintenance software.

    CMMS software for Property Sector

    Property/Resort Management

    Explore Industry

    Ensure your properties are seamlessly maintained with configurable, intuitive, and scalable property maintenance software.



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