Eagle Technology, Inc. Security and Maintenance Statement

24 April 2021

Proteus MMX utilizes 256-bit encryption, from the browser to Eagle’s servers in the Azure cloud.

Proteus MMX utilizes the built-in security of the Microsoft Azure platform.  The automatic services are augmented by various third-party monitoring tools.

All data is encrypted from initial entry to storage in the database.

Physical security
The Proteus MMX VPC servers are located in state-of-the-art data centers within Microsoft Azure in multiple locations across the United States. Access provisioning is managed by a core group of Eagle Technology’s engineering team.  Eagle Technology, Inc. disallows general access to its Azure-based hosts to anyone not approved by Harshad Shah, president, and CEO.

Two-factor authentication is used when access is required.

Current access is only granted to:

  • Engineering Manager
  • Head Programmer

Maintenance Procedures

All cloud-based host servers are updated every other Sunday with approved updates unless a high-priority update is issued earlier.  At that point, Eagle Technology, Inc. may apply the update immediately provided no disruption of service will occur.

Updates are tested internally prior to deployment to the production environment.

Disaster Recovery

In the unlikely event of a failure of Microsoft Azure Web Services, a snapshot of the virtual machine can be restored within one to two hours, and full functionality of Proteus MMX restored within that period.

Database backups are stored outside of Azure, in a third-party cloud backup.

Change Management

Product change management includes:

  1. Staff training.
  2. Customer notification.
  3. Customer education through documentation.
  4. Product update execution.
  5. Follow up with customer questions.

STAFF TRAINING consists of educating Eagle staff in the new set of features and changes related to the software update.

CUSTOMER NOTIFICATION consists of email, phone, or other correspondence notifying the customer of a product change in the near future (two-week notice necessary).

CUSTOMER EDUCATION consists of making available to the customer the literature detailing the changes and features of the software update.

PRODUCT UPDATE EXECUTION consists of updating the physical software on Eagle Technology’s hosted sites.

FOLLOW UP WITH CUSTOMER QUESTIONS consist of fielding any after-action questions.

Data Retention Policy

Eagle Technology, Inc. will retain paper records relating to a customer’s account indefinitely.

Electronic records and correspondence are stored in a centralized server, backed up daily.