5G will be a significant development not only for the world of technology but also for the world of buildings, factories, operations, and maintenance. With far faster data rates and low-latency transmissions, 5G wireless technology will make it possible to realize the benefits of predictive maintenance and augmented reality. Facility and maintenance managers who want to stay competitive need to be prepared.

5G stands for fifth-generation wireless technology. As a revolutionary step forward in terms of speed, response times, network reliability and energy efficiency, it will allow telecom operators to densify their networks, a factor that is crucial for the Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics. IoT connected CMMS allows businesses to manage and track assets better than conventional time-based preventive maintenance processes, which is normally time or condition-based. Now manufacturing companies will be able to collect real-time sensor data and set critical condition alerts which will further trigger work order creation or notify CMMS planners about unstable sensor data.

The possibilities of 5G will allow for machine-enhanced decision making, data-rich environments, agile automation, intelligent efficiency, and trusted connections. These improvements in the industrial complex will dramatically improve productivity, safety, and efficiency. And since it supports beamforming, that concentrates signals in certain directions, 5G can track moving objects. This means that it will support critical future technologies, including the use of drones to inspect buildings and monitor critical areas.

Since 5G is capable of connecting everyone to everything and everywhere, facilities and other vertical sectors that use CMMS and enterprise management software can expect to gain value from this new connected ecosystem. The new 5G technology will improve responsiveness, increasing maintenance and asset management efficiency. This will have an overall impact on revenues, reduced downtimes, increased efficiency and can serve as a driver for business growth.

CMMS software is complemented by mobile features that help facilities streamline maintenance and asset management processes. With a corresponding mobile app integrated into the CMMS software and 5G benefits, facility managers will be able to better make assessments on the go. They can create new work orders, check repair histories, audit trails, access parts stockrooms and place purchase orders in real-time.

In the factories of the future, 5G will make predictive maintenance a common practice. Predictive maintenance tracks equipment performance over time so that breakdowns can be anticipated before they occur. A large number of sensors, machines, and robots will all be connected. Real-time analytics provided by 5G’s speed will allow manufacturers to proactively gauge the wear and tear of their machines even faster, rather than taking the slow, reactive approach. 

5G will allow for greater transparency, allowing greater accountability and more effective use of resources.

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