The mark of a well-managed maintenance operations department is the ability to decrease costs without negatively impacting day-to-day operations or customer satisfaction. To accomplish this, it is important to know where to look for ways maintenance costs can be lowered and to have the tools to process and analyze the data gathered in order to correctly identify opportunities for cost savings.

Advanced and easy-to-use CMMS systems are designed to save you time and money while simplifying your workflow – but first, let’s look at the six most important considerations to keep in mind when attempting to reduce operations and maintenance costs.


This should always be a prime consideration. Many operations attempt to skimp in this area, believing they can save money by skipping the occasional scheduled maintenance, or alternatively, making scheduled maintenance less regular. This will, in the long run, result in increased costs as expensive equipment and other assets begin to work far below their maximum performance level, more frequent downtime, and eventually become damaged beyond repair and require replacement far sooner than expected.


This is an extension and evolution of predictive maintenance. While keeping a preventative maintenance schedule is a good baseline of asset care, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) uses more advanced and reliable methods that will further protect your assets and avoid unexpected downtime and expenses. By tracking the condition of assets on a continuous basis, storing documents such as operating procedures, maintenance records and warranty information digitally in one place, and even tracking depreciation of assets the absolute maximum value can be obtained from your assets both during their use and when the time comes to replace them.


A common cause of wasted man hours and poor asset utilization is the existence of poor workflows (or lack of defined ones) for regular tasks. The first step is to ensure a defined workflow process is in place – then, through the collection and analysis of data, take necessary corrective actions to maximize efficiency and minimize expenditure. A CMMS system can facilitate this by creating clearly defined service requests and work orders while tracking time, equipment usage, and maintenance costs.


The ability to track and manage all your materials is imperative to ‘running a tight ship’ and ensuring you have everything you need at all times – as well as prevent unnecessary and unexplained surplus orders. Be it equipment parts, materials or supplies, properly monitored inventory is a must for any organization serious about controlling maintenance operation costs.


The ability to collect massive amounts of data is all for naught if you don’t have the means to process and analyze the data gathered. A CMMS solution can be the key to significantly lowering operational costs. For instance, a well-designed management system will allow you to store pictures, scanned documents and time sheets related to a maintenance job in one place and quickly recall them at a workstation or a mobile device while on the move. With these capabilities, you can immediately see whether work is being done at maximum efficiency and ensure the job has been fully completed.


This is often where it all comes together. After the information has been gathered and analyzed by a CMMS system, the next step is the output of an information-rich but easy to understand report. Reporting capabilities that gather your data and compiles comprehensive, easily understandable reports to provide you with all the information you need to recognize trends and perform predictive maintenance to reduce repair costs.

Eagle Technology offers a robust CMMS solution for your organization’s facilities and manufacturing operations and maintenance management needs. Proteus MMX, in addition to providing all of the above capabilities in a single user-friendly system, provides the right platform and tools for efficient facility and manufacturing maintenance management.

Proteus effectively addresses both CMMS and EAM needs. Whether you represent a large or small organization, Proteus is the simplest and most technologically advanced solution for single buildings, campuses, or global operations.

To find out how Proteus MMX can help your maintenance operations department dramatically reduce maintenance costs, contact us today or schedule a free demo or attend one of our weekly webinars and learn how a CMMS can help you get control of your maintenance needs and revolutionize your maintenance operations.