Work Order Management

Automatically generate work orders according to a preset maintenance schedule and respond to service requests.

Asset Management

Track all of your assets, including virtual ones. Know when they were obtained, how they are used and what their original value was.

Preventive Maintenance

Planned maintenance will improve equipment life and avoid costly unplanned maintenance activities.

Our Industries

We provide a complete Computerized Maintenance Management Solution (CMMS) for any industry.


Easy and effective way to streamline maintenance operations, which leads to better management, a reduction in downtime, and significant cost savings.


With so many components involved in making an airport run smoothly our CMMS becomes a major advantage for maintenance managers.


Small clinics to large hospitals, Proteus CMMS helps healthcare facilities maintain high standards for both the physical infrastructure and equipment.

We are proud of our Clients.

Our customer base is comprised of Fortune 500 companies and includes numerous high profile landmark buildings and facilities across the world.