You’ve heard of the cloud. You know that everyone’s information is up there bouncing around like little data pinballs, but did you know that the cloud can help your very non-cloud-like operation run better AND save you money? yeah right we are talking about Cloud-Based Maintenance Management.

Let’s start by viewing your operation not as a building or a set of buildings but as a giant computer. Like a computer, your facility is comprised of smaller units that work in conjunction to ensure operability. Every so often your computer will remind you to update the software to a new version because the older versions have become dated and vulnerable. Likewise, your building has small parts that break down or need regular updating. When that occurs, one of two things can happen. One, you find out the old fashioned way – by someone telling you that something is broken and you dispatching someone else to assess and try to fix the damage. Sounds inefficient and expensive. That’s because it is. Thankfully, there’s an alternative…

Eagle’s Proteus CMMS is a powerful cloud-based tool that integrates with your existing BAS to make sense of all of your building data. Knowing the state of things is only useful if you can act on the information. That’s why we tie your data into our work-order automation platform, making sure things get fixed before they break. Now you get to kick back and be the hero without lifting a finger, all because of Eagle’s innovative maintenance management software.

Better yet, because your cloud-based information is accessible anywhere, we want you to be able to access it from anywhere. We’ve invested in building a suite of mobile tools, giving you the ability to manage systems and create work orders on the go from your mobile phone or tablet.

We hope this helps “the cloud” make sense. If it doesn’t, that’s fine – we really only care that you see the added benefits of saving time and money, two things we love to help our customers do. To learn more about our cloud-based maintenance management solutions or set up a demo, please contact one of our associates at 1-800-388-3268 or email