The role of hospitals is a simple one. Take care of sick people, and give them a place to get better. Over the last 100 years, we’ve gotten pretty good at diagnosing and taking care of people who need medical attention, but who is watching out for the overall health of the hospital itself? What happens when the needs of the buildings that we all require for our own healthcare fall into disrepair?

There’s an old health adage that goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” that we think applies nicely to this situation. Basically, if you can fix a problem before it becomes a problem, you minimize overall damage. Thankfully, technology has made preventative hospital facility maintenance a breeze, just ask any hospital facilities manager using a good CMMS solution.

Eagle Technology’s suite of Proteus CMMS software ensures optimal medical facility performance by providing a comprehensive asset management solution as well as preventive maintenance scheduling features. In fact, it has helped customers such as Central Health in Canada; Madeira Hospital in Sacramento, CA; and the Ministry of Health in Kuwait better organize their maintenance programs.

Our scalable and flexible CMMS software is proven to increase the life and reliability of many vital assets like HVAC systems, lights, plumbing, restrooms, elevators, and parking lots. Preventive hospital facility maintenance scheduling also keeps medical equipment like MRI and X-ray machines at optimum condition, so they are always available for the staff and patients who need them.

Concerned about compliance and auditing? Eagle Proteus lets you compile necessary data into reporting for JCAHO review and run our optional Audit Trail module for HIPAA compliance. If you’re interested in learning more about how a well-integrated CMMS solution can help your health-care facility, give us a call at +1-262-241-3845 to set up your free demo today.