Oh and HOW time flies…!

Back in January, I made a resolution that I would build-up my CMMS database and get to adding the information that has been sitting on my desk (or in a drawer). So, as you can tell, that information never made it into the CMMS system. Now, it’s Spring and that old saying came to mind, “Spring cleaning” (my desk and drawers, first?).

Time to get to that list of things …to get cleaned and organized (after all the snow has melted and the warmer temperatures have arrived). Summer is not too far behind. I shall do some Spring cleaning of my CMMS software package – and clean-out some of the data that is not needed.

Let’s see …what equipment or asset has been scraped? Or sold – items that might still have parts, PM’s, Task, missing information, and any other information associated (stuff that is no longer needed) – and has become, “clutter”.

Now would also be a good time to archive and to correct those misspelled words that a couple of Technicians keep giving you a hard time about.

Ah-hah! Now, I remember what I did with all the info that I was going to add last January. It’s ALL still in my “To-do” folder – which also reminds me …I need to clean-up the scheduling of the CMMS jobs.

Yep, maybe “NOW” would be a good time to look at your CMMS data too …to see what “clutter” (you DO have some, don’tcha?) can be gotten rid of, and perhaps you also can get to adding some of the information that you’ve collected (but haven’t taken the time to enter)?

As long as you are looking at your data, wouldn’t it be a good time to implement some Best Practice guide lines?

Best Practices:

  • Make sure your data is clean, consistent, accurate and complete.
  • Clean: No spelling errors, and any unnecessary information.
  • Complete: all of the fields in each record have been populated.
  • Accurate: Correct information.
  • Consistent: Stay with agreed upon numbering and naming convention.

Time is now …and it’s a’wastin’ !