As experienced employees retire from the facility management workforce, they take something very valuable with them. The years of collective knowledge about their job—their “Know-How” —walks out the door when they do. For maintenance management professionals, this may include specific knowledge about facility assets. The accumulated experience, knowledge, and learned “instincts” that come with a lifetime of work contributes to asset performance and productivity. So how do you capture this critical information and close the knowledge gap before it’s too late?

These guidelines can help ensure that you are in control of your facility information:

  • Capture, manage, and track your data with a computerized maintenance management software system (CMMS) or enterprise asset management (EAM).
  • Create and maintain consistent data collection standards and processes. This includes proper data input for new assets, as well as regular data input for maintenance and management activities.
  • Whenever possible, use mobile devices to speed up work order response time and data entry.
  • Build effective communication protocols to keep valuable decision-building information flowing to all facility stakeholders.
  • Rely on your software vendor to aid in implementation, training, and support so you get the most value out of your CMMS/EAM system.

Your facility data history is one of your biggest assets, allowing you to make intelligent, actionable decisions that drive energy efficiency, asset performance, and productivity. Over time, this library of information becomes a valuable resource and decision-tool for “repair or replace” situations; labor cost management decisions, asset location, audit tracking, and more.

Proteus MMX, the new cloud-based EAM software from Eagle Technology helps close the knowledge gap, and puts you in charge of your data. Interfacing with the Building Automation System (BAS) in real time, Proteus MMX is a powerful data management tool that helps quantify, describe, and monetize the asset life cycle in today’s modern and complex facility.

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