It is critical to assess the sustainability of your buildings, assets and processes from time to time. With proper data on hand, companies can estimate failures, timely replacements and other proactive measures to ensure peak efficiency at Asset Assessment. A CMMS can provide the data and tools needed to assess your production goals before they become problems.

Executives and maintenance managers need to develop processes that focus on being proactive towards maintenance instead of reactive. With proper planning, they can move the focus of their critical resources from fixing problems to making improvements. This involves having quality data and history information to assess their current processes and also to plan for the future.

It is also important to develop best practices and processes throughout an organization. In many manufacturing businesses, different facilities within the same company handle issues completely differently. This underscores the importance of providing standard procedures and ensuring that data is relevant and measurable across different locations.

To prepare for an assessment, you need to provide an overview of the process and criteria involved. You will also want to outline the reasoning and desired outcomes. This will result in knowing what data is needed and expected from your assessment. A CMMS program like Proteus MMX can help gather and analyze this data through history, reporting, KPIs and our newer feature, Ask Steve.

Ask Steve allows you to essentially converse with our program to extract information from the MMX history. Through this AI, you can view data, history and reports to monitor the maintenance goals of your facility, as well as all of the facilities in your organization.

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