Manufacturing is one of the most important industries in the world, they produce products that we have become increasingly dependent on. In fact, we would probably struggle to survive without the products that we are used to today. Unfortunately, though, manufacturers tend to contribute quite a significant amount to what we know as “global warming“. 

Luckily, with the increase in global temperatures over the years, an increase in the development of advanced technology has also taken place. A CMMS is one of those technologies contributing to environmental sustainability.

Let’s have a look at the different ways that a CMMS can help you go greener:

Equipment life extension

Through regular, planned maintenance, orchestrated by a CMMS, the equipment can easily work twice as long as it would have without such maintenance. By ensuring your equipment lasts longer, you prevent the situation in which waste is created through the disposal of assets, and by not replacing assets, you avoid the extraction of raw materials and the manufacture of additional equipment parts. Keep in mind that if you have not used a CMMS to keep track of equipment maintenance and your machinery has failed, new equipment parts would have to be transported from the manufacturing facility to your organization, being yet another factor contributing to global warming. 

Reduction of unnecessary spare parts

Millions of dollars are currently sitting on warehouse shelves waiting to be recycled or sent to a scrapyard. This is a terrible reality when taking finances into consideration, but even worse when you consider the unnecessary manufacturing, recycling, and demolishing processes that took place to produce the spare parts and now getting rid of them again. Carbon emissions are produced in big amounts and those spare parts meaning nothing to nobody. A CMMS improves an organization’s whole process of maintenance and use of inventory, meaning, this situation is prevented completely. Each spare part is used meaningfully. 

Reduction in energy consumption

When machines run smoother they use less energy. Just like your car or motorbike after it has been for a service. How do you get your equipment to run smoothly? Through regular, preventive maintenance. How do you practice preventive maintenance? By implementing a good CMMS.

CMMS software is a key component to ensuring an organization has a greener existence. If you wish to lessen your organization’s contribution to global warming, look no further than Proteus MMX. With its world-class maintenance management capabilities, it has all the functions necessary and more to help you run a greener organization, which takes the environment and future generations into consideration. 

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