Ask Steve

Organizations often have to manage their buildings and a large number of assets (or machinery) that are in various stages of their life-cycle. It’s crucial to understand the condition of those assets over time in order to assess when they need maintenance and when they need to be replaced. Ask Steve is the newest feature from Eagle Technology using AI-powered Chatbot, which can help preserve a building or asset’s value and extend their useful life.

Ask Steve allows users to interact with their maintenance data by conversing with the AI and receiving meaningful insights into their history. A user can simply ask a question and receive information or graphical responses displaying their data. Using this conversational approach, the user can “drive” through their data, discovering patterns that they couldn’t before.

A user can ask questions such as “What is the most expensive part I have replaced so far?” Or, “By facility, what is the average downtime on-demand maintenance?” Ask Steve will produce rich visualization which will automatically adjust to the data characteristics.

Using a controlled/engineered natural language, Ask Steve’s recommendation engine guides the user along the engineered language as they compose their dialogs. And not only is the platform intuitive for the user but Ask Steve also learns from your inputs and grows more predictive as you use it.

Want to learn more about CMMS and AI, email us for a free demo of  “Ask Steve”