Asset management is a key advantage of using a CMMS solution.

In order to meet production and service requirements, assets must be kept at peak operating conditions. Taking the entire “operational” picture into account, managers need a robust tool such as CMMS software for asset management.  A CMMS solution becomes a guiding factor in operational success by including important elements in the implementation.

Operations that are running smoothly lead to cost savings and more productivity.  Making a CMMS system the foundation of your company’s operations incorporates best practices and leads you to success. Upon implementing your CMMS, the following elements should be built into the software so as to institute streamlined asset management:

  • Equipment assemblies and components
  • Asset maintenance strategies
  • Inventory tracking
  • Cost management
  • A history of equipment failures
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling

The last bullet-point: “preventive maintenance,” is an extremely important consideration when setting up your CMMS. Most managers also know that a well-planned preventive maintenance schedule will avert disaster and lead to cost savings by keeping equipment running at peak efficiency. The following elements should be included when you are setting up a preventive maintenance schedule for your CMMS:

  • Identify equipment that needs preventive maintenance to achieve conformity to production requirements
  • Determine and define the methods of preventive maintenance
  • Determine and define frequencies of preventive maintenance
  • Provide records that preventive maintenance was completed
  • Calibration requirements
  • Asset location
  • Asset tracking number
  • Calibration interval with justification for the interval
  • Calibration procedure
  • Calibration history
  • Calibration due date

Documenting these procedures for preventive maintenance is an important element in complying with industry standards. Using process manuals, for example, keeps your CMMS organized and readily available for employees, management and auditors. CMMS software also comes equipped with robust reporting tools.

Including important factors of asset management into your CMMS instills good practices and keeps assets running at peak efficiency. A CMMS solution can act as the foundation of asset management, which will lead to operational success.

Eagle Technology’s Proteus CMMS family of solutions has the following benefits for the manufacturing industry:

  • Improving asset life – Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Process and action documentation for ISO compliance
  • Minimizing downtime
  • MRO spare parts inventory control
  • Educated asset decisions 

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