Manufacturing facilities constantly face increasingly complex challenges with equipment sophistication, parts lead times, regulatory and competitive standards, decreasing labor and skill availability leading to equipment failures, missing supplies, and tighter margins.  Moving from reactive maintenance to proactive and predictive maintenance through the implementation of CMMS software for manufacturing plants gives you better control and helps prevent equipment breakdown and failures. Moving manufacturing facilities from a transactional site – specific processes to a systematic enterprise – enabled management platform for all assets with these benefits:

Manufacturing equipment management

You can monitor asset performance, initiate preventive/predictive maintenance measures, and easily collect data on your assets. This allows for better risk management, warranties, and change notices. When integrated with the factory floor and MES/ERP systems for a Connected Enterprise, you can quickly identify when and where to deploy your resources.

Equipment reliability

Maintenance strategies properly executed ensure the accuracy and reliability of production equipment and increase asset life and manufacturing capacity to meet production schedules.

Regulatory compliance

Tracking maintenance activities with CMMS software helps with regulatory inspections, ISO certification and audit trails. Comprehensive performance and management reports are also available with CMMS software. Eagle Technology’s suite of Proteus CMMS software ensures optimal performance by providing comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management solutions for manufacturing as well as preventive maintenance scheduling features. Our CMMS software is flexible, scalable, and customizable. Not sure if Proteus CMMS is right for you? One of our manufacturing experts will gladly advise you on the best solution for your facility’s unique needs and compliance requirements, as well as assist you in the plan to go from firefighting to preventive and predictive maintenance. Interested in learning more about Proteus CMMS software for Manufacturing Plants? Read our brochure on Enterprise Asset Management for Manufacturing.