A CMMS helps us manage things like assets, planning and scheduling, inventory, preventive maintenance, inspections and work order tickets. In fact, a CMMS should be the hub of your reliability program. That is why CMMS system up-time and availability is so critical.

An essential element to consider when selecting a cloud-based computerized maintenance management system is uptime and availability.

Better CMMS Up-time, Better Customer Experiences

Your business depends on your systems running smoothly, and you expect that they will always be available. A dependable CMMS will ensure your maintenance team is the first to know if any of your systems are having problems. But have you thought about ensuring your cloud-based CMMS is always up and running?

It’s hard to overstate the benefits of cloud-based software. It takes away the complexity of on-premises software implementation, leaving you with a solution that’s instantly accessible via the web, has fewer upfront costs, is updated automatically, and is available anytime, anywhere.

Selecting a cloud-based CMMS can be risky, especially since it collects so much mission-critical data. That is why it is essential that you evaluate the CMMS vendors system availability and uptime record.

Why a CMMS?

  • Increase profitability – it’s easier to earn a dollar more in profit by reducing costs than earning a dollar in revenue
  • Categorize capital assets and measure lifecycle performance/ROI
  • Assess risk on capital assets and equipment, formulate risk management strategy and monitor tactical implementation of preventive/corrective actions
  • Manage maintenance costs, maximize labor efforts and reduce maintenance parts inventory
  • Minimize energy consumption
  • Proactively maintain documentation for regulatory compliance (OSHA, JCAHO, etc) and minimize legal exposure
  • Provide Key Performance Indicators/management reports to communicate to senior management.

You can’t measure what you don’t manage

Our reputation depends on our system availability and we strive for 100% Up-time. Proteus CMMS is designed for ultimate scalability and configurability to serve your CMMS needs. Proteus CMMS is the most technically advanced EAM/CMMS product available using Microsoft technology and SQL database.

Proteus CMMS 99.9% Uptime

Proteus CMMS fully integrates with popular Building Automation Systems to generate automated work orders upon receipt of alarms, run-times and/or triggers.

CMMS for the Future

Proteus enables buildings and factories of the future to be more efficient, more adaptive, and ultimately more productive. Our software uses intelligent integration with Building Automation Systems and other automation software such as manufacturing execution systems (MES), supply chain software, and ERP software. Proteus also includes barcoding and mobile capabilities and can be integrated with industrial internet of things (IIoT), machine controls and ERP/accounting software such as SAP.

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