There is nothing property managers love and fear in equal measure more than a growing property inventory. On the one hand, this is a sure sign of success, while on the other, more properties mean more maintenance management-related headaches. Fortunately, Eagle Technology is on hand to take the sting out of property management with its CMMS for Property Management, Proteus MMX.

Proteus MMX is a smart piece of software that can be used to compile a database of company assets, employees, equipment and more, giving property managers a head start on key maintenance jobs and greatly assisting in resource allocation and service request and maintenance work order tracking.

Proteus MMX helps property managers to keep facilities in peak operating condition, lower utilities costs, increase occupant satisfaction and maintain property values. Proteus gives property managers the opportunity to extend and augment the lifecycle of the assets across properties by helping them to schedule vital maintenance work, as well as upholding strong relationships with tenants by implementing a smoothly run repairs schedule and a high level of inventory control.

It’s like having an assistant that works 24 hours a day
Proteus MMX never takes a day off and maximizes returns by effective administration of your properties. Other benefits property managers see:
  • Reduced downtime associated with repair work
  • Optimized labor use and productivity
  • Improved tenant satisfaction
Are you overspending on your property maintenance management?
You can learn how much you are overspending on your property management by getting in touch with Eagle Technology. A free demo is available to find out how much our smart CMMS software, Proteus MMX, can save your organization.