Milwaukee, WI – Eagle Technology, Inc. a leader in Facility Management and Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS), has announced full integration with, Esri’s ArcGIS (Geographic Information System) software for location intelligence. ArcGIS is widely used by municipalities, airports, oil and gas industries as well as multinational corporations. It is designed for collecting, managing, evaluating, and storing geographical asset data.

Numerous benefits accompany the implementation of Proteus MMX with GIS for facility management, such as finding assets, capturing data, and tracking patterns in your data so you can make better decisions and take action. As this integrated product brings together information from across the organization, businesses can expect to improve coordination and operational efficiency.

Proteus MMX with ArcGIS integration is equipped with contextual tools that give the user greater insights by effectively visualizing where maintenance needs to occur. A light on a runway, a telephone pole, a generator in the yard, knowing where and what has to be done in maintaining equipment. Users can seamlessly collaborate with their maintenance crews and share critical data via maps, apps, dashboards, and reports.

ArcGIS Work Orders on Assets

With a GIS it is possible to identify all the elements that need to be modified and to foresee the frequency of the intervention’s optimization and improvement in each of them. Proteus MMX will also manage, capture, and track inspection, maintenance, and repair activities for cost containment, and risk reduction.

“ArcGIS integration with Proteus MMX opens our world-class solution to more users, such as airports, roadways, and government facilities, on a global basis, as it maps, captures and analyzes geographical data.” – Harry Kohal, Vice President of Business Development at Eagle Technology, Inc.

Eagle also recently added an Electronic Call Log feature to assist airports in streamlined reporting for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  The Electronic Call Log is located within the cloud-hosted Computerized Maintenance Management Software which eliminates traditional problems associated with lost or damaged logbooks.  Several reports and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are readily available for FAA Inspection.

Screenshot of an Electronic Call Log on Proteus MMX