Eagle Technology Receives Milwaukee 7 Export Development Grant

Milwaukee, WI – March 6, 2016 – Eagle Technology, developer of a leading CMMS system designed to assist clients with maintenance management needs, is pleased to announce that they are a recipient of an international export development grant from the Milwaukee 7 region, presented by JPMorgan Chase.

While many small businesses are aware that international expansion offers them big opportunities for their companies, understanding how to move through expansion, and finding the initial capital to do so, can be complex. International regulations and upfront costs can be intimidating. The Export Development Grant program combines necessary funding with mentorship and guidance that can help a small business nimbly take advantage of the opportunities involved with overseas expansion.

Eagle Technology has a history of offering its Proteus CMMS to companies in order to help them reduce downtime and keep their production schedule running smoothly while also keeping machines and tools in the best possible working order by running routine maintenance on time. Proteus CMMS helps clients collect the Big Data that results from running a complex manufacturing operation and distill it down into understandable reports that give companies all the information they need to make the right decisions for ongoing efficiency and profitability.

Eagle’s Proteus CMMS is cloud based, allowing clients the full assurance that comes with regular, hassle-free backups and data security.

By expanding their vision overseas, Eagle Technology hopes to create connections with clients that are currently underserved by the CMMS offerings in their own areas. They will create top level websites targeted towards Canada, Latin America, the United Kingdom, China, Germany, France and Spain, with each website created in the country’s native language. Grant funds will also be used to develop a relationship with a partner and distribution channel in each country.

About the Export Development Grant Program

The Milwaukee 7 region was chosen for the Global Cities Initiative’s Exchange, a joint project from JPMorgan Chase and Brookings which aims to increase global economic competitiveness and trade. The University of Milwaukee Small Business Development Center has awarded grants to two companies in the first round of funding, with additional companies applying for grants in additional rounds. Along with funding, the SBDC offers assistance in creating an export business plan, identifying relevant regulations, and completion of market research to ensure that a buyer and audience is available in the desired country.

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