Eagle Technology’s partner, SkyFoundry, recently announced that their SkySpark® analytics software is now deployed to over 8200 buildings consisting of over 475 million square feet. SkySpark ® has been recognized as an industry leader in the intelligent buildings market and is used in energy management, systems optimization, monitoring-based commissioning and fault detection. The partnership between SkyFoundry and Eagle Technology can bring peace of mind to building owners through prevention and early detection.

Designed to automatically analyze data, SkySpark® identifies issues and opportunities to improve equipment performance. Combined with Eagle’s Proteus CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software), SkySpark ® helps strengthen response to faults in equipment or reveals developing issues. When SkySpark ® detects an abnormality; it sends a “spark” to the CMMS software. In response, the CMMS software will automatically generate a work order.  Using both SkySpark ® and Eagle’s CMMS software, building owners and facilities managers have a reliable method for early detection.

SkySpark ® analytics software and Eagle’s CMMS work order automation capabilities give building managers the opportunity to fortify management practices through prevention, and in worst case scenarios, emergency response. This leads to cost efficiencies because both SkySpark ® and Eagle’s CMMS software expose problems in equipment and facilities, which leads to adjustments, repairs or replacement, rather than an expensive disaster or a break-down. Through using SkySpark ® and Eagle’s CMMS work order automation capabilities, building owners and facilities managers can rest assured that they will never miss important notifications.

In addition, both Skyspark ® and Eagle Technology’s Proteus software are customizable in order to meet the unique characteristics of every intelligent building for better building management. On top of this, Eagle’s CMMS software can integrate with virtually all Building Automation Systems on the market.