The largest airport in the world measures just shy of 300 square miles or 3.5 million square feet, with electricity, plumbing, and mechanisms that are all crucial to the operation. An airport serves as a connecting hub, allowing passengers to travel to and from different cities and even countries across the globe. Even the smallest airports in the world face maintenance challenges because airports never close.

And with thousands of passengers coming and going each day, an airport and its various pieces of equipment take a heavy beating and sustain daily wear and tear seven days a week, including holidays. Without proper maintenance, you might find yourself having to transfer luggage manually to a certain terminal instead of using conveyor belts, have to rework a flight’s assigned gate due to a faulty jet bridge and so much more.

The cost of a mechanical failure far outweighs the cost of regular maintenance, which airport maintenance managers know all too well. More than likely, the problem is finding a way to manage such an enormous facility. Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) could hold the key to more effective airport maintenance. 

CMMS improves airport maintenance efficiency

Trying to manage the last time you did preventative maintenance on each asset within an airport is overwhelming. And despite the most in-depth spreadsheets and processes, you’ll likely still have tasks that fall through the cracks with such an enormous facility to maintain.

CMMS allows you to set alerts and schedule maintenance activities. Assign the task out to a specific technician who is already working near that concourse for the day to save time and be more efficient.

And while the whole point of preventative maintenance is to avoid a breakdown, you might still experience one. With a CMMS, you can have work order forms that help you manage which work orders are the most pressing and ensure they get completed promptly without disrupting the comings and goings of the thousands of passengers you serve.

Avoiding the cost of a breakdown

Intuitive CMMS systems include the power of AI to help you predict when your various mechanisms will need maintenance next based on previous data from work orders and information your technician’s input following a repair.

Scheduling maintenance and avoiding a repair is always more efficient than an unexpected breakdown, even if it does mean adjusting your airport’s processes temporarily to give your technicians the space to work.

Air traffic control will thank you for avoiding disruptions to landing times, gates, and terminals.

Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) for airports

Each industry carries with it challenges in completing regular preventative maintenance. Your airport needs Computerized Maintenance Management Software designed to meet your needs to overcome the maintenance challenges your airport faces.

Eagle CMMS proudly serves as the cloud technology platform for many airports, including Chicago Midway International Airport. Our software helps airports in the following areas:

  • Asset management
  • Inventory management
  • Compliance with regulation guidelines

From the simplest maintenance task of replacing lightbulbs to avoiding plumbing nightmares, Eagle CMMS will create a work order when your preventative maintenance is due. Learn more about Eagle CMMS for airports.

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