Proteus MMX Updating FAQ


Will my data be saved when I update to Proteus MMX? Yes! All of your data will be saved, and re-organized into the appropriate areas in Proteus MMX (note: for attachments, some configuration will be required in Proteus MMX).

How long does an update to Proteus MMX take? Depending upon the size of the database and type of conversion, it can take up to two days but will usually be done in a much shorter time frame.

Can I run Proteus MMX in-house? Yes, as long as you meet the minimum software and hardware requirements. There is a onetime installation fee, talk to your Eagle sales consultant.

I have Windows XP, can I run Proteus MMX? NO. Microsoft no longer supports XP, and Eagle cannot support clients with systems that have potential security issues with unsupported software.

Since Proteus MMX runs through a web browser, which ones are supported? Proteus MMX is supported when run in Internet Explorer 11 or newer, EDGE or the latest version of Google Chrome.

I have an older computer, can I run Proteus MMX? It depends on the configuration; we recommend a minimum of 6GB RAM and at least a dual core processor.

Eagle Technology, Inc. currently hosts my application and I am having them host Proteus MMX for me; what do I need to do about backing up my data? Nothing! Eagle’s hosting service will retain the data on local drives, as well as on a cloud backup provider; backups are done on a daily basis.

I am updating from Proteus V to Proteus MMX. What do I need to do? The first step is to set a date with Eagle Technology, Inc. for the conversion. At that time, we will be in touch to get a backup of your Proteus V database. Once that happens, all data entry in Proteus V should cease. Eagle will convert your data into the Proteus MMX format and either returned to you if you are doing your own hosting, or put it on your Proteus MMX hosted site.

I have custom reports in Proteus V. Will those carry over to Proteus MMX? They can, but would need some re-working. Talk to your sales representative to discuss options when using custom reports.

Can I create my own custom reports? Yes, you can. Proteus MMX uses SAP Crystal Reports ™. If you are hosted by Eagle, contact Eagle.

How does Proteus MMX treat user licenses? Proteus MMX is licensed by named users, not concurrent connections. This means that the number of Proteus MMX user logins you create will be limited to the number of licenses you contract for.

After the update is complete, will I be able to immediately use Proteus MMX? Yes! We do recommend training beforehand, however.

I’ve established rights for all my current users, will those settings carry over in the update? NO. Due to a very different architectures, rights, roles, and users will need to be re-created in Proteus MMX.

IF we need to re-work some of our data that is being converted for the update. What are our options? Many options for this are available. If needed we can customize the conversion process to gather only the needed data, or, massage the data prior to the conversion. Generally we will work with you before the conversion to make sure the update is smooth as possible with the best results possible. Trial conversions can be done for a minimal fee, allowing you to see what your data will look like in MMX.