Whether your facility is part of a Hospital Group, a Treatment Center, or a Long-Term Care Center – no matter what the size of your organization, the use of a Maintenance Management software solution will help meet your tracking needs. Such software will provide you with the necessary tools to protect your assets and extend the life of those assets.

You can protect the life-cycle of all assets by using a Maintenance Management program. That will allow a Facility or Maintenance Manager to organize information and provide timely work orders for unscheduled or preventive maintenance – while managing inventory, storerooms, equipment, historical data, and by providing executive reports – to optimize performance. What features does such a solution provide?

  • Preventive Maintenance work orders auto-activate and print
  • Integration to building controls systems (auto-generate work orders)
  • Asset Maintenance Scheduling
  • Track Labor
  • Track Parts and Tools
  • Attach Drawings for Space Planning
  • Attach special instructions from Manufactures
  • Warranty Information
  • Assess facility conditions (Housekeeping)
  • Safety Inspection Check List
  • Keep track of Calibrations
  • Use wireless and Barcode-enabled handhelds
  • Identify equipment that may be HIPAA related
  • Compliance Reporting

The key benefits of using a Maintenance Management Solution in your facility would be:

  • to lower operating costs
  • reduce downtime
  • control maintenance expenses
  • improve overall productivity

The demands placed upon most organizations today are many. The ability to gather historical data will keep Administrators informed – so that they can make informed decisions about how to invest, maintain, and protect the combined assets of the overall operation. Administrators would also have the ability to review Key Performance Indicators at a glance.

For the past 20 years, Eagle Technology has developed a reputation for having supplyied a “best in class” facility maintenance management software system – to 1000’s of similar facilities, all around the world. Some examples: The Blood Center (of Wisconsin), the Madison Memorial Hospital (Idaho), and the Wenatchee Valley Medical – just a few of our clients…

It’s all about R.O.I. …in the form of Cost Savings!