With CMMS being offered as a software as a service (SaaS) product, it’s extremely accessible via mobile phones. And some services even offer a mobile app for smartphones and tablets to add to the convenience. 

There are many benefits of CMMS mobile, including:

  • Improved inventory management
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction in overtime expenses
  • Elimination of the need for paper reports

Let’s take a look at each of these benefits and how CMMS mobile is changing maintenance. 

Improved inventory management

Tracking parts and other inventory is much simpler using CMMS mobile. If you use barcodes, your maintenance technicians can scan the barcodes quickly from their mobile devices. Or even if they forget to scan the barcodes before leaving the inventory room, they can scan them later from anywhere in the facility. 

The great part about barcode scanning or RFID for inventory management is it doesn’t require any additional steps or delays that slow down the process of reordering. Whoever is in charge of your inventory management will be able to see live updates of what’s available to reorder items on a rolling basis to keep your operations running smoothly. 

And not only can technicians scan out their inventory, but they can see a full list of what’s required for their maintenance project. This can help reduce the need for them to go back and forth between the supply room and the project site, costing them time and having the asset be unavailable longer.

Increased productivity

CMMS mobile also puts all necessary information at the fingertips of your technicians. Before reporting to the job site, they visit the supply room to get the parts they need for the job. They also have access to files that show information about an asset or make your company’s processes for maintaining that asset clear. 

Thanks to all these manuals being digital and in the palm of their hand, they don’t need to carry around large paper files that show them what needs to be done to maintain these complicated assets.

While they’re working on the asset, they can log details, which the office can see in real-time. Gone are the days of writing paper reports and needing to return to the office to ensure proper data entry. To add more details to their reports, they can attach photos of their work. 

Reduction in overtime expenses

Because your technicians are experiencing improved productivity, you’re less likely to incur overtime expenses. And, using CMMS, you can strategically schedule your maintenance team to ensure full coverage of all operational hours in case of breakdowns during the workday.

If you do need after-hours support, you can easily review each technician’s hours and look for opportunities to use a technician who has not reached their maximum hour limit for the week yet.

CMMS mobile also makes it easy for technicians to know what project they’re supposed to do next when they finish a job. That’s because a CMMS allows for real-time work order assignment. This added level of efficiency will help your technicians get more done in a day without overtime.

Elimination of the need for paper reports

Before leaving the maintenance office to work on a job, technicians used to print off the work order and other details about the job to help them prepare. With CMMS mobile, that’s not necessary.

Your organization’s maintenance team can go completely paper-free. This can improve your organization’s sustainability efforts and lower your office expenses.

CMMS Mobile from Eagle

Eagle offers CMMS Mobile, a mobile application that can greatly improve your maintenance team’s productivity. It allows your technicians to take simple dictation via voice recognition software. They scan inventory out with ease using QR codes. It also allows technicians to update a work order from anywhere and take pictures of the maintenance they are completing.

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