Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) within an organization is one of the most important management practices, no matter the company’s size or industry that they work in, from working inside a building or outside on a construction site.  Employers want to show that they care about the safety of their employees from improved morale, to increased productivity. With this being said, employers need a preventative maintenance system in place to make it easier for them to identify what may be a safety or maintenance issue.

Daily routine and constant demands for higher productivity require suitable and flexible safety concept that must comply with regulations and standards. The safety of assets and facilities is a complex issue today. Inadequate facility maintenance management software means incalculable risks for personnel and machinery, and also potential production losses. Asset maintenance managers who want to prevail long term in maintenance management cannot afford any risks. Machine guidelines, safety standards, risk assessments need to be computerized. CMMS offers competent answers to this and has comprehensive solution concepts for the safety of your machines and plants.

Facilities Maintenance Management is only as strong as its weakest link. For your failsafe facility, this means that all components must make an equal contribution to its functional safety. CMMS software offers a comprehensive safety product range for the complete asset maintenance system. From stand-alone machines up to the integrated solution, CMMS is always divided into the specific safe functionalities: safe inputs, safe logic, and safe outputs. In other words, safe sensors for inputs, safe controls for logic, safe drivers, circuit breakers and further actuators for controlling the process. All components can be combined as desired in an integrated safety system. These results in safety solutions matched to your requirements, solutions that you can expand without problems. It allows you to meet your current requirements and to remain flexible for future demands.

2019 National Safety Month

Asset safety integration is the integration of safety-related functions directly into the management system, and it also offers system-wide integration into the automation system as a permanent component of totally integrated automation. This offers convincing benefits such as lower costs and fewer components, as well as simple engineering and improved diagnostics. CMMS is easy to configure and is the hallmark for user-friendliness. With cleverly integrated safety engineering, CMMS ensures maximum productivity of your management solutions and critical industrial controls for safety applications. It is a low-cost solution with a wide range of products and services that include sensors modular evaluation, units and actuators.

Inspections are another aspect of CMMS that can help towards safety ideals. An inspection module will allow preventive maintenance checklists with multiple value types for pass/fail, range, numeric values and other types of responses. These inspections can also lead to immediate follow-up service if any of the responses turn up maintenance or safety issues.

When it comes to establishing a safe, compliant and productive workplace, an effective maintenance management solution is critical. Proteus MMX can improve your operations by offering one centralized, cloud-based and flexible system to manage and stay connected with your asset and inspection workflows. It gives you easy access to inspection records for auditing and reporting purposes.

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