Computerized maintenance management system software (CMMS) can optimize your maintenance management team and reduce operational costs. There are many areas where CMMS offers both cost savings and maximization of the assets and team you already have. 

Avoid the lag time between breakdown and repair

Before the days of CMMS, the process for getting the word about a breakdown from the workers to the maintenance manager to a skilled technician was a clunky process. And not only was it clunky, but it was time-consuming. Each minute and hour that the asset goes unfixed is lost productivity for your facility.

Reducing that lag time between an asset breaking down and the repair team showing up on-site can reduce your operating costs by keeping things running smoothly. CMMS offers a real-time dashboard that all technicians have access to. A maintenance manager can assign a new task to technicians, or technicians can accept new tasks on their own to improve your speed and responsiveness. 

Reduced overtime expenses

When you know when and what maintenance needs to be done on each asset, you can reduce the number of unexpected maintenance calls and requests that you get. This means that you’ll be accomplishing regular maintenance during normal business hours when you’re already planning to pay your technicians.

With accurate projections and in-depth reporting, you can see how many technicians you need and when. This way, you can schedule your technicians strategically to avoid costly overtime expenses.

Inventory management

When you have too much inventory on hand at any given point, your operational costs will look falsely inflated. Yet, failure to keep parts in inventory can mean rushed orders to get what you need to fix an asset. Not only are you then paying more for the parts to rush them to your facility to make the repair, but your asset goes unused during that time and your facility loses valuable production time.

Using a CMMS, you can document when you use a part so that it gets reordered immediately. And with reporting, you can see what parts you have on hand and see how quickly you generally go through that inventory. With those reports, you can make more informed decisions that reduce the amount of unnecessary inventory that you keep and increase your speed and responsiveness with the right inventory. 

Automated reporting

Creating manual reports can consume hours each week, month and a quarter to showcase the work that your maintenance team does. But you can’t live without those reports because they show the importance of your team and can be what gets you more resources to get the job done.

CMMS automates that reporting so you can show regularly scheduled maintenance, unexpected maintenance, time from request open to request close, inventory expenses, comparisons between technician response times and so much more. Not only do automated reports save you time in preparing the reports, but they can also show opportunities for further operational improvements and added training opportunities for technicians to improve efficiency. 

Spreadsheets, manual manipulation, manual inventory management, overtime expenses and so much more can become a thing of the past for you with the addition of CMMS. At Eagle, we know the importance of efficiency for your maintenance team and can help you achieve improved operational costs this year. Contact us to learn more or sign up for a free demo