A lot of customers come to us looking to simplify their facility maintenance management. That means coordinating all the parts, asset, inventory, and personnel that go into planned maintenance. Knowing what you have is easy. Lots of services do that. Telling you exactly where each and every asset is kept? Not so much.

Our training specialists are there to help you map out your facility, putting virtual tags on every room and building you manage, regardless of how big your operation is. Our software is robust, scalable, and has the capabilities of handling multiple facilities and locations. Our 3,000 customers range from single unit retailers all the way up to entire cities, so you can rest assured that that there’s no such thing as a system “too complex.”

Knowing what you have and where only goes so far. That’s why Eagle’s suite of CMMS tools integrates with all of the major Building Automation System (BAS) platforms to put all of that data to work. When a building alarm occurs, a work order is generated automatically and sent to the qualified technician! That means when a work order is generated, not only do we tell you what needs to be changed or fixed, we’ll tell you exactly where you can find the replacement part using our inventory management software. Better yet, we’ll tell you when you start running low on replacement parts, and help to generate automated purchase orders to restock when needed with best inventory management.

If you’d like to learn more, we offer a FREE Needs Analysis and/or a FREE trial or demo of our products – just contact us at 1-800-388-3268 or 1-262-241-3845, to talk with one of our representatives or sign up on the website for your free trial or demo.