IIoT or Industrial Internet of Things refers to the infrastructure that collects information simultaneously from various sources. It could be used on anything equipped with a sensor, such as smartphones, computers, vehicles, production equipment, building automation systems, appliances and so on. IIoT can send crucial information to the maintenance management team and increase their efficiency in many areas.

IIoT can help promote preventive and predictive maintenance, providing repair information based on pre-determined situations and criteria. Most factories use programmable controllers from Rockwell, Siemens, etc. This information can be automatically and instantly fed into a CMMS to be monitored, analyzed and reacted to.

Many analytics tools are available to help clean up unstructured sensor data. Results of this analysis can be used to drive maintenance strategy and make maintenance decisions with all data captured in a CMMS.

Proteus MMX uses BACnet and Web Services to monitor sensors, meters, and machines (programmable controllers, machine controls, building automation systems) to automatically generate work orders to take predictive action. And analytics tools such as “Ask Steve” can then generate analytics and reports from historical data to monitor machine performance, receive insights and make informed maintenance decisions.