Power Plants are an important part of the world’s economy. Without power, much of the world would shut down. This just shows how important it is to maintain a clean, operating facility, and with CMMS software, this job is made easier.

Maintenance at power plants includes the inspection, adjustment, repair, and replacement, – and importantly – scheduled preventive maintenance of a variety of assets, equipment, and electrical machinery. Power plant maintenance responsibilities can also include installation, repair and preventive maintenance for other electronic and pneumatic equipment used in the generation of electrical power.

Power generation facilities, both conventionally fueled steam-generation, and nuclear-powered plants require vigilant, well-organized operation using meticulous maintenance management to stay online and produce energy safely and efficiently. Maintenance and operation for power plants must also consider public safety, the environment and, not least, health and safety for workers in and around the plant.

Most power generation plants utilize SCADA systems to monitor plant and machinery conditions. CMMS should be integrated with these SCADA systems to detect alarms, abnormal conditions, diagnostics, fault detection, etc., and to create a work order automatically, send it to a proper technician (or a contractor) for corrective action.

Information from the SCADA system can also be used to trigger preventive maintenance work orders when machinery has reached certain hours of operation.

Proteus MMX includes these capabilities for optimum performance of a power plant, email steve@eaglecmms.com to find out how other power generations facilities use Proteus MMX.