NSI and CMMSEagle Technology has many Proteus CMMS success stories. We wanted to share this one with you.

Our consulting staff recently met with Nippon Seiki International Ltd. (NSI), located in Troy MI, a tier one supplier of automotive instrument clusters and Head-Up-Display systems. We assisted the facilities management department with invaluable consulting services during the initial implementation of their CMMS solution: Proteus MMX.

During a two-day onsite consultation period, Harry Kohal, VP of Business Development at Eagle Technology, showed NSI how to integrate Proteus MMX into their facilities operations, in order to bolster best practices as well as avoid any potential errors.

“Your time and the information you shared with us, saved me hundreds of hours and helped me decide what is critical to NSI 5 years from now. Your knowledge of facilities and systems was of great value, and I encourage anyone implementing a new CMMS to spend time before training using Eagle Technology as a resource. It will pay for itself many times over.” –Joe Bleau, Facilities Manager, NSI

NSI singled-out Proteus MMX after considering 20 different CMMS software packages, because it is the best product that fulfills every requirement for their facilities operations processes.