Why Is Onsite Training for CMMS Software Important? Read on for some important considerations.

Eagle Technology’s Proteus CMMS solutions are designed to be user friendly, which can be seen during a 30 minute demonstration. Despite the ease-of-use, sometimes CMMS software is not implemented correctly, and in worst case scenarios, it is not implemented at all. The initial set-up stages are extremely important in order to get the most value out of your CMMS investment, which is why we recommend onsite training.

Three key elements to maximize your onsite training are:

1.  Appoint a CMMS expert for your company

Designate a CMMS expert at the management and senior management levels. As a CMMS expert they can enforce new company processes and act as a go-to for issues and reporting.

2. Establish good company processes

When you are introduced to a CMMS solution there are many factors that go into setting it up, such as asset management, creating task lists, and rolling out your preventive maintenance schedule. Our trainers will be able to show you how to do this step by step and integrate CMMS into your company processes.

3. Eliminate problems before they arise

During a training session, one of our customers wanted to take advantage of our Proteus smart work order system. The customer did not have the staff to close out work orders on a daily basis, and didn’t know how to get around this issue. Our trainers were able to provide a solution and set up a series of daily work orders that would close automatically.

Implementing our Proteus CMMS solutions effectively will maximize your company’s investment, and providing onsite training for your CMMS solution ensures that your organization will get the results that you wanted, from the beginning.