Today the key (for any company desiring to achieve a high-standards set for Asset Management): they must look at the whole picture! And this includes, but is not limited to: Health and Safety, CMMS, Root Cause Analysis, Plant capability and criticality, Operational and Maintenance practices and behaviors, Support services. The organization and leadership at any company needs to be 100% behind any program from ‘cradle to grave’ to achieve success.

Your CMMS is your maintenance management database. The CMMS is the place where the foundation of your asset management system sits …being the functional hierarchy.

Embedded in this structure are your equipment assemblies and components, the strategies you develop to maintain your assets, the schedules that support your strategies, the record of costs associated with maintaining and the history of breakdowns, inventory of parts, and citical spares. A well utilized and managed CMMS is an invaluable tool that should be in close alignment with a “Work Management” system.

  • Identify equipment (process/building/utilities/support services) that need PM to achieve conformity to product requirements
  • Determine and define the methods of PM (usually detailed by manufacturer of equip. in user manuals)
  • Determine & define frequencies of PM (usually detailed by manufacturer of equip. in user manuals)
  • Provide evidence (records) that PM’s were done per schedule & method
  • Calibration requirements
  • Location
  • Tracking Number.
  • Calibration requirements
  • Calibration interval with justification for the interval
  • Calibration Procedure
  • Calibration History
  • Calibration Due

The standard clearly calls out for a documented procedure for preventive maintenance. I have found that using process manuals, which contain all the needed procedures and forms, i.e. work instructions, daily records, preventive maintenance schedule, etc. lends to keeping things nice and tidy in Proteus and readily available for employees, management and auditors.

Maintaining assets in top operating condition is vital to meet production and service commitments. The Proteus family of solutions has the following benefits for the manufacturing industry:

  • Improving asset life – Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Process and action documentation for ISO compliance
  • Minimizing downtime
  • MRO spare parts inventory control
  • Educated asset decisions