Proteus MMX for Facilities

Today’s facilities are more complex and automated than ever before. Maintenance managers are challenged with countless maintenance tasks, ensuring the building is functioning properly and keeping customers who use the facility safe, secure and happy. The facility maintenance teams must be managed, building systems maintained and work orders delegated as needed.

The intelligent building maintenance management capabilities of a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) like Proteus MMX, with its unique building automation interface, gives the facility manager a sophisticated link to ease the job of facility maintenance management.

Based on our experience with facility property management clear benefits can be seen after implementing Proteus CMMS:

• Improved business intelligence with Key Performance Indicators and AI reporting
• Improvements in equipment reliability
• Improved cost controls
• Improved spare parts control
• Reduction in labor costs
• Improvements in equipment availability
• Reduction in materials costs
• Reduction in other costs

Proteus MMX for Manufacturing

Manufacturing facilities constantly face increasingly complex challenges with equipment sophistication, parts lead times, regulatory and competitive standards, decreasing labor and skill availability leading to equipment failures, missing supplies, and tighter margins. Moving from reactive maintenance to proactive and predictive maintenance through the implementation of CMMS software for manufacturing plants will give you better control and help prevent equipment breakdown and failures.

Proteus is the ideal solution if you have one plant, multiple plants or multi-national plants. Proteus is available in most languages for South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Proteus also supports local currencies.


Not sure if Proteus MMX is for you?

One of our experts will gladly advise you on the best solution and pricing for your facility’s unique needs and compliance requirements, as well as assist in the plan to go from firefighting to preventive and predictive maintenance.