Eagle Technology, Inc. proudly announces the launch of a new version of their Mobile CMMS software. Proteus MMX Mobile™  CMMS is a software application that provides real-time maintenance information such as work order and asset information from a tablet device or smartphone. The upgraded version comes with an improved barcode technology and interactive software which provides faster, more accurate and standardized data entry.

mobile cmms scannerThe new mobile app is designed with one thing in mind – Helping users accomplish more every day by improving productivity. The mobile app provides users access to real-time viewing, editing, or creating work orders. Going forward, users can also do real-time creation, searching and editing of assets and work orders via a barcode reader. Supported mobile platforms include iOS versions 9.0 or later, Android 6.0 or later, or Windows 10 Surface Pro 4.

“The new mobile app is designed to make the technician more efficient. It captures data faster and more effectively without interfering with getting the job done. Voice captured notes encourage better communication among technicians and management.” – Harry Kohal, VP of Business, Eagle Technology, Inc.

Asset management affects all aspects of a business and ultimately the bottom line. A good asset management strategy is about ensuring an organization has the right systems and processes in place to limit downtime and keep production equipment running smoothly and in a way that’s also cost-effective. Mobile CMMS software plays a critical role in an effective asset management strategy.

Proteus MMX Mobile CMMS allows technicians to update work orders, asset information, and other critical data in real time via a smartphone or tablet. With Proteus MMX Mobile, technicians will spend more time maintaining equipment and completing work orders.

Put the power of a CMMS in the palm of your hand with Proteus MMX Mobile.