Maintenance management software has developed at a significant pace over the last decade. Organizations might face a situation where they are bombarded with maintenance management software choices and do not know which platform will benefit their organization the most.

This comparison of Proteus MMX and SAP EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) will give organizations a deeper insight into which software is the most suitable for their needs.

What is SAP? What is Proteus MMX?

SAP provides “future-proof Cloud ERP solutions that can boost an organization’s efficiency and productivity by automating repetitive tasks, making better use of time, money, and resources.

Proteus MMX is a cloud-hosted Next-Gen Computerized Maintenance management solution (CMMS), offering all the features of a traditional solution, preventive maintenance scheduling, work orders, and asset management combined with the latest digital trends as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration, and Internet of Things (IoT) system connectivity.

Maintenance managers can benefit from CMMS and EAM software to help with work management, maintenance scheduling, and predictive maintenance which will help to prevent equipment failures and lead to lower maintenance costs. According to a study done by Plant Engineering (2021), 52% of plants use a CMMS to streamline maintenance operations and 40% of plants use analytical tools to practice predictive maintenance.

How are Proteus MMX and SAP EAM similar?

Standardized Processes

Both of these platforms allow users to standardize certain repetitive processes.

Real-time data

Important information is captured on both these systems which give their user the ability to retrieve applicable information at the correct time, which eventually aids in the process of decision-making. Information that is needed for a piece of equipment’s current state can be retrieved too as these systems have a real-time data function.

Streamline processes

Through its functionality, each of these platforms ensures an organization’s processes are streamlined as assets are captured in the system, recurrent processes are automated, and the readily available data allows users to make prompt decisions, avoiding the situation in which decisions are contemplated.

Asset tracking/Management

Both these software platforms provide a place for organizations to compile accurate information on equipment (and any other type of asset) to enable preventive maintenance.

Mobile functionality

SAP and Proteus MMX have a mobile function that enables clients to manage maintenance from their mobile phones.

How do Proteus MMX and SAP EAM differ?

Product versatility

SAP EAM offers 7 software products, each with a different core goal/function. The SAP purchaser is required to choose which one of these they wish to implement into their maintenance strategy.

Proteus MMX is a one-stop shop, where each of these functions (which SAP divided) are combined into one software program. This is beneficial as a client acquires only one program which includes everything they would like to have in a maintenance management platform.

Preventive Maintenance

Both SAP and Proteus have excellent preventive maintenance functionality, where the software triggers its user before equipment fails. This is an effective way to prevent downtime in an organization.

Proteus MMX has added features of notifications and automatic work order that prompts maintenance managers and technicians. Inspection checklists with multiple value types are used for pass/fail, range, numeric values, and other types of responses.

Maintenance Management

SAP EAM has work order management and asset management tools that ensure regulatory compliance. This is something of great value, as without regulatory compliance an organization cannot function.

Proteus MMX too has these work order management and asset management tools that help with regulatory compliance but are even more advanced in the sense that the software has tools to help your organization validate itself with the FDA and many other regulatory bodies. Proteus does thus not only ensure regulations are kept but also that validation is acquired if the organization does not have validation yet.

Service Integration

Eagle’s custom integration services save time, reduce costs, and increase productivity. Proteus MMX service integration is an optional Program Utility and API’s (Application Programming Interface) designed for Proteus MMX users to exchange or share data with most corporate systems.

Could Proteus MMX and SAP integrate?

Yes! In particular with SAP’s ERP software.

The below scenario describes a situation where a CMMS or maintenance management system communicates and receives data from software such as SAP. There may also be a requirement for the accounting system to read or “pull” data from Proteus MMX.

Typical ERP Integration:

  • Periodically synchronize Inventory and Vendor records
  • Generate Purchase Requisition in CMMS
  • Send Purchase Requisition to SAP
  • Purchasing department order parts (or services) using SAP
  • SAP sends information (such as vendor, parts, and quantity ordered, delivery date) to CMMS
  • Parts are received in CMMS
  • CMMS sends parts receipt info to SAP
  • SAP does invoice matching and closes PO
  • SAP processes payment to the Vendor

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