Our Proteus CMMS software offers real-time solutions in facilities management, but did you know that a real-time component is available for manufacturers? Eagle Technology’s Proteus software will soon integrate with programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

A PLC was designed to replace the necessary sequential relay circuits for machine control. They monitor the state of input devices such as temperature, humidity, and vibrations. Conversely a PLC controls its outputs and can turn them off and on. PLC real-time integration with CMMS software is important because if there is a problem with a machine, maintenance managers will receive the information in real-time.

One benefit of integrating CMMS software with PLCs is receiving maintenance notifications. Some machines need maintenance based on the number of products that are produced. Through integration with PLCs, CMMS software can be programmed to send a maintenance notification after the mandatory number of products have been fulfilled. A work order is automatically generated, making machine maintenance more timely and efficient. Other advantages of integrating a PLC with a CMMS solution include:

Providing a common protocol from multiple sources:

Providing a common protocol from multiple sources expands the scope of control beyond a single machine.

Remote diagnostics:

Review the problem remotely from a PC or mobile device, rather than having to check the machine itself.

Triggering a parts order notification/scheduling PMs:

CMMS software can be programmed to send notifications for necessary parts and maintenance.


Receive real-time notification on mobile devices when the machine fails or an emergency occurs.

Tracking and Inventory:

Know which machine needs maintenance, which employee performed the maintenance, and if the necessary parts are available.

Integrating CMMS software with PLCs as a real-time maintenance solution for factories promotes efficiency and fine-tunes operations. This leads to cost savings by taking a preventive approach to maintenance and reduces labor through scheduling and alerts. Real-time solutions have many advantages for anyone who uses CMMS software.