Reliability, The 80/20 Rule, and Why Your Business Demands a CMMS

Reliability – ensuring your equipment is online, functioning properly, and meeting production goals –  is one of the most challenging manufacturing issues your company faces. In fact, unplanned equipment failures cost US companies billions of dollars annually, not only in lost product, but in increased maintenance costs, decreased workforce productivity, delivery delays, and customer dissatisfaction. However, at least 50% of these unplanned stoppages can be prevented!

Think about your company. How often is it impacted by unplanned stoppages? Does your maintenance team run from repair to repair? How deeply do unplanned equipment stoppages cut into your bottom line?

Mid- and small-sized manufacturing companies are discovering that by following the “80/20 Rule” and instituting an efficient maintenance program, they can save an average of 30% on maintenance costs and 50% in unplanned downtime.

The 80/20 rule is the ideal ratio for effective equipment management. It is used in two ways:

  • Your maintenance personnel spends at least 80% of their time on preventative, proactive maintenance and 20% or less of their time in unplanned repairs.
  • No more than 20% of your equipment uses more than 80% of your maintenance time or budget. (Imagine your car, for example. While the body, interior and trunk, electrical, and cooling systems – the 80% — usually require very little maintenance or repair, the transmission and other moving parts – the 20% — require regular maintenance).

So, how do you put the 80/20 rule to work in your company?

With an efficient CMMS

This CMMS maintains an accurate inventory of all of the equipment vital to your business. It automatically schedules preventative maintenance (PM) and supplies the necessary manuals, technical, and safety information your team needs to effect successful PM. It logs all repairs and parts replacements. It also maintains an accurate inventory of all parts on hand, informs you when old parts become obsolete and new parts will be required and enables you to stock only what you need. And, it identifies where engineering and/or additional staff training might improve time between repairs.

By using an efficient CMMS that ensures your equipment is optimized using the 80/20 rule, your maintenance team can simply and easily schedule their time, energy and resources working on keeping your equipment in good repair, while greatly reducing unplanned stoppages on your production line.

Reliability is vital to your company’s success. To ensure your equipment is online, functioning effectively, and reaching your production goals, you need a reliability CMMS like Eagle Technology Proteus.